Soft Services

Our top priority is the security of all employees, consumers and the communities we serve. It is essential that buildings and workspaces remain healthy and safe for everyone.
We are committed to offer and provide our clients, we design, develop and deploy a group of the dynamic process and tools to deliver consistent value and service that achieves our client’s satisfaction.

Cleaning Services
Cleaning Services 100%
Pest Control
Pest Control 100%
Security Services
Security Services 100%
Landscaping 100%
Sanitization Services
Sanitization Services 100%

Hard Services

Is the process of maintaining, monitoring and monetizing a physical building’s structure, systems, equipment and surrounding environment. Our goal is to ensure that your investments are maintained properly.
Our wide knowledge and experience allows us to manage and execute the professional hard services for the facilities and organizations to deliver a safe, innovative, cost efficient and wide maintenance solutions.


Mechanical & Electrical Services
Mechanical & Electrical Services 100%
Structural Maintenance
Structural Maintenance 100%
Fire Safety
Fire Safety 100%
Waste Management
Waste Management 100%
Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning 100%

Professional Services

Wide range of professional services include but not limited (decoration and finishing, constructions and utilities management).

Decoration Services
Decoration Services 100%
Building Systems
Building Systems 100%
Utilities Management
Utilities Management 100%


Maximizing the life cycle value of your physical assets

Extending equipment life while maintaining operational performance

Integrating maintenance, operational, energy and capital strategies

Improving safety, reliability and efficiency while controlling risk

Providing long-term capital renewal planning and budgeting

Facilitating and tracking continuous improvement